Frequently asked questions

I have forgotten my password for the school account

Login to your school account. Enter the email address associated with your school account. When prompted to enter the password choose Trouble signing in underneath the password field and follow the instructions to reset your password.

How do I register a class?

Login to your school account. Select Classes → Add Class , enter the Name of the class and the Year group and hit Save. You might find it useful to watch our video on how to create a class.

Download a proforma letter for parents

If schools wish to advise parents that they are using LanguageScreen, we have prepared a proforma letter for parents that can be downloaded here either as a word or pdf document.

How do I upload the details of the children in the classes I have registered?

Login to your school account and select Classes . If this is the first time you are uploading children's details, select the Download class list template . Open the template Excel spreadsheet and add the details of the children following the instructions provided. It is important that you add the details of the children in your class exactly as instructed. Do not alter the first 10 lines of the spreadsheet; simply add the details of the children you want to upload below them. When done, follow the instructions on the page to upload the spreadsheet. If the upload is not successful, try again ensuring that you follow the instructions and format specified in the template file. Once you have successfully uploaded a class list, select View/Edit Pupils to review the class list to ensure the details are as intended. If there are mistakes in the uploaded class, select the Edit button next to a child whose details you want to edit, edit the details as required and then select Save. You might find it useful to watch our video on how to upload a class.

Uploading the children's details failed

The Excel spreadsheet will upload successfully only if all the children's details are entered in the correct format. Is there only one row per child? Is date of birth entered as dd/mm/yyyy? Do unique personal numbers (UPN’s) include the correct combination and number of characters and digits (1 letter followed by 12 digits)?
The Unique Pupil Number (UPN) is a 13-character code that identifies each pupil in the local-authority-maintained school system. These are created by a UPN generator accessible from the www.gov.uk website. Please double check that each child has been given their correct UPN.
Also, when you edit the class list template file to add your own class you MUST keep the example children in red. LanguageScreen expects those example children to be present and will ignore them. You might find it useful to watch our how to create a class.
Should you experience problems please check your data again. If you need help please contact support.

How do I correct a mistake in the class details I have uploaded?

Login and select Classes , select View/Edit Pupils , and select the Edit button next to a child whose details you want to edit. After editing a child’s details select Update pupil to save changes.

How do I generate the QR codes to start assessing children

Once the details for the children you wish to assess have been successfully uploaded (see above), you can select Generate QR codes.This will download a PDF file with the unique digital QR codes for each child in your class. Scan a child’s QR code with the LanguageScreeen app to begin that child’s assessment. The downloaded PDF file contains simple instructions on how to scan each code and begin the assessment. The practice QR code allows you to familiarise yourself with the LanguageScreen app before assessing any children. Please note the scores from the practice QR code are not stored.

What are QR codes and why do I need to generate them before I can assess the children with the LanguageScreen app?

A QR code is short for "Quick Response" code. It is a square black-and-white symbol that people can scan, using a smart device with a camera. The squares are encrypted to hold information. In this case, the information that they hold are the unique codes that we assign to each child. This means that each child’s assessment is fully anonymised. The QR codes also save school staff from having to enter each child’s details every time they need to conduct an assessment. Once a QR code has been used for an assessment it will become deactivated (you can only assess a child once with a given QR code)

What are Tokens?

LanguageScreen uses Tokens for payment. Tokens are spent when you start a pupil's assessment by scanning a QR code with the LanguageScreen app. One token equals one pupil assessment. We recommend that you assess pupils before and after NELI intervention, so you will need two tokens per pupil. If you run out and require more tokens these can be purchased through our website. Tokens are valid for 12 months from date of issue.

How to change the school's registered email address

Please email support@languagescreen.com from the email address currently registered with your school account (for security validation) explaining the reason for changing your email address and confirm the new email address required to replace it. Please do not create an account for the new email address before contacting support because this would delay the change of the registered email address.

How do I download LanguageScreen reports for the children I assessed?

Once you have finished assessing the children in a class you can request a report by selecting Reports . You may request reports as often as you like, with any number of assessments completed. When choosing the start and end dates for your report, please choose a wide date range, e.g. some days prior to commencing assessments, to the current date. Your report will be emailed to the email address associated with your school account. Please note from time to time you may have to wait a few minutes to several hours for your report to be received. If you have performed multiple assessments for your pupils you can view the results of each uploaded assessment by choosing the date range of the report accordingly. Our report shows the results for only the latest uploaded assessment for a pupil during the date range you choose.

What will the LanguageScreen report tell me about the children I have assessed?

The report provides scores for each child, which indicate how good their language skills are relative to other children of their age. It will list the children in each year group in order of their language scores and provides a traffic light system to highlight which children are likely to need support in developing their language skills.

How to reassess pupils after completion of the NELI invention

After you have completed the NELI intervention you will be asked to reassess all children in these pupils classes. This will allow you to see how the NELI intervention has closed the language gap in your classes. If your class year has now changed, first click “class profile” to change the year group and edit the class name if appropriate/required. Then you are ready to click “Generate QR codes” for the class. This will provide you a new set of QR codes so you can reassess your pupils. Once you have completed the reassessments, you will need to generate a new report. Please specify a date range that includes only the repeat assessments. Please note only the latest assessment within the date range specified will appear on the report. You can then compare the old and new reports to monitor progress made by your pupils.

Using the LanguageScreen app

How do I download the LanguageScreen app

LanguageScreen is available to download in the UK from both App Store for your Apple ipad/iphone (iOS11+) and Google Play for your Android tablet/phone (Android 5+).
We recommend you use at least an 8-inch device. A 5-inch phone is also acceptable if no tablet is available. When you first download LanguageScreen to your device please try it out using the practice QR code to ensure it is fully compatible with your device and to become familiar with it before starting any assessments.
Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play
LanguageScreen is also available for volume purchase on the UK App Store. Please make sure your MDM system is set up to use the UK app store.
LanguageScreen is not compatible with MacOS or Windows laptops or desktops.

How do I assess children with the LanguageScreen app?

Before you use the LanguageScreen app we recommend you download and read the User Guide The User Guide is also accessible from the LanguageScreen app via the in the header. Each list of QR codes you generate comes with a Practice QR code. You can use this Practice Session QR code as many times as you need to run through the assessment and practise before assessing any children. Please note that data from a Practice Session is not saved and therefore you should never use the Practice Session QR code when assessing children. Each assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Starting an assessment failed - E110 error code

Your device must be connected to WiFi to conduct an assessment. To connect to WiFi follow the device instructions and liaise with your school IT officer if necessary. Please check your device is able to view languagescreen.com without any warnings or content filter notice. If you see an error please request your schools IT support to whitelist languagescreen.com.

How do I make sure the app records the correct details for the child I am assessing?

After scanning the child's QR code, the CODE and Token number will be displayed and you will be asked to confirm they match those on the QR code sheet for the child you are about to assess. Check carefully and if you have scanned the wrong code you can simply select to scan again.

I need to stop in the middle of an assessment, what do I do?

You can pause an assessment by selecting the pause button at the top of the instruction screens before starting an activity. When you pause an assessment in this way the device will keep the data for the activities already completed and will resume from the next activity in the assessment. Note that an assessment can only be resumed on the same device that it was paused on.

If you need to stop an assessment as a matter of urgency in the middle of one of the LanguageScreen activities you can tap the exit button. This will delete the data for the current activity and will pause the assessment so that is can be resumed from the start of the activity that was interrupted.

It should be very rare to need to exit an activity during an assessment. Try to only pause an assessment before starting an activity.
Once you have paused an assessment you can assess other children. You can return to the paused assessment, whenever the child is ready to continue. You can see paused assessments on Assess/Resume screen of the app. To resume a paused assessment you will be prompted to scan the QR code again for that child and their assessment will begin where you paused it. Note that you can only resume a paused or interrupted assessment on the same device that the assessment was first attempted.

How do I make sure that the child’s data is uploaded at the end of the assessment?

Tap the UPLOAD button at the end of the assessment and a message will appear to confirm that the data has been successfully uploaded. If for some reason your device is not connected to WiFi at the completion of the assessment or it fails to upload because the connection drops, you can attempt to upload the data again from UPLOAD/RESUME ASSESSMENT screen accessible from the first screen of the app. You can also check for details of assessments on the Classes page, within the pupil’s record, when you log into your school’s account at LanguageScreen.com.

“Uploading assessment data failed - E110/E111/E112 error code"

Your device must be connected to WiFi to upload assessment data. To connect to WiFi follow the device instructions and liaise with your school IT officer if necessary. Please check your device is able to view languagescreen.com without any warnings or content filter notice. If you see an error please request your school's IT officer to whitelist LanguageScreen.com.

"E101: There was an error accessing your device camera"

This app requires access to the camera on your device to read the QR code; allow access to the camera within the app.

"E102: the device is not connected to the internet. Please connect and try again."

This reflects a problem with your device’s internet connection. Check that your device is connected to the internet and try again.

"E105: your account is out of credits."

The tokens available to your account have all been used. Login to your school account at LanguageScreen.com to purchase more tokens.

"E106: an assessment has already been registered for this child."

You can only assess a child once with a given QR code. If you get this code, first check in your school account at LanguageScreen.com to see if an assessment has been logged for the child you are trying to assess. If an assessment does not exist for the child you will need to generate a new code to overcome this by selecting Generate QR codes for the class. WARNING: This will generate new QR codes for the whole class. Do not scan a new QR code for a previously assessed pupil unless you want to reassess that pupil. To prevent accidents we would advise you to cut out the QR code (including the name and code) for the specific child you want to assess and, to avoid any risk of scanning the wrong code, destroy the other new QR codes which will not be needed.