Welcome to LanguageScreen

LanguageScreen gives education professionals a quick and accurate assessment of a child’s language skills and has been used by over 5000 schools to assess some 200,000 pupils. LanguageScreen is suitable for children 3.5 to 8 years of age

Mobile app demonstration

Website demonstration

Follow these steps to use LanguageScreen
  • Register your school by selecting Create school account. Accounts are free to setup and include free tokens to enable you to use try LanguageScreen with no obligation or payment details. For more information, including pricing, please see the Create School Account page.
  • Login to your school account and select Classes . Enter the name and year group for each class you want to assess. For each class, upload a list with the details of the children you want to assess. You might find it useful to watch our video on how to create an account and upload the lists.
  • After creating your classes and uploading the class lists you need to download the list of QR codes for each class you want to assess - you also do this from the Classes tab. A QR code is needed to identify the child you want to assess. For security reasons the LanguageScreen app does not store any personal information about the child being assessed.
  • Download LanguageScreen on your device for free from either AppStore or PlayStore. We recommend an 8-inch tablet or larger.
    Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play
  • Before you use the LanguageScreen app we recommend you download and read the User Guide
  • To assess a child start the LanguageScreen app and select START ASSESSMENT. Your device must be connected to the internet to conduct assessments. When prompted, scan the child's QR code.
  • After completing your first couple of assessments with LanguageScreen, Login to your account and request a report. This will make it clear how LanguageScreen works. You can request further reports at any time.
  • If schools wish to inform parents that they are using LanguageScreen a proforma letter for this purpose can be downloaded either as a  word or pdf document.